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102+ Best Romantic Valentines Day Love Messages & Text 2017

Best Romantic Valentines Day Love Messages & Text 2017: As you fellas all know that, Valentines Day 2017 is a day on which you get a chance to express your heart feelings with your loved ones. Back in the old age, it was quite difficult to for people propose each other but thanks to our modern era of technology things are quite bit easy right now. Now, you don't have to actually go to your lover and propose her but you can also do that by sending her/him a beautiful Valentines Day Messages or Valentines Day Text. And you can get Love Messages for Husband/Boyfriend/Wife/Girl Friend or your loved ones. Check the Rose Day Whatsapp Status.

So, for those of you who are looking for some best romantic Valentines Day Messages for their loved ones are definitely at a right place.I've compiled a great list of romantic messages that will definitely impress your crush or lover.

So, without further discussion, let's dive into our list of best romantic Valentines Day Messages and Text 2017. 
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102+ Best Romantic Valentines Day Messages & Text 2017 - Love Messages

My love for you is like water,
Falling countless
The beating of my heart,
For you is so heavy and soundless,
The feeling of being in your arm is so
Precious and endless.

A day without you in my life should never come and even if it does, let that be the last day of my life. Happy Valentines Day
Whats missing in H__RT? EA or U?
Pick EA & you'll get a heart!
If u pick U, you will get hurt!
Id pick U coz its better to get hurt,
Than have a heart without U.
Happy Valentines Day

Hi dear,
I love u so much.
I cant live without u.
I need u in my life.
Everyday I want to see ur eyes.
Hold ur hands n walk with u.
Every night I want sleep on ur chest.
Wanna make love with u.
Wanna b a good mother to ur kids.
Wanna b a good wife to u.
I want ur love forever.
Then one day i will die on ur lab.
But my love will never die for u.
Happy Valentines Day
A day without you is a day without sun, a night without you is a night without moon; a life without you is a life without life. Happy Valentines Day
Yaadon ki barsaat liye
Duaaon ki soghat liye
Dil ki gehrayee se
Chand ki roshnai se
Pholon k kaghaz per
Aap k liye sirf 3 lafz
Happy Valentines Day 

As busy as we get, we need to be reminded that we are still sweethearts. Valentine’s Day is a good day for me to stop and realize how wonderful you make me feel. Happy Valentines Day
Happy Teddy Day Quotes

Kuch beete pal ki yadden sajaye rakhana
Kuch aanewale pal se arzu lagaye rakhana
Ye pal to yuhi aate jate rahenge
Bas hotonpe apni muskurahat banaya rakhana.
Happy Valentines Day 
When it rains, you dont see the sun, but its there.
Hope we can be like that.
We dont always see each other,
but we will always be there for one another.  
Happy Valentines Day 

Cupid shoots well for me! He hit you and me with perfect aim. Happy Valentines Day

Love is not an exam to pass or fail,
Love is not a competition to win or loss,
But love is a feeling in which you care for someone more than yourself...
Happy Teddy Day Wishes 
Hichkion ka aana ye batata hy,
Koi humain yaad kar k khud ko rulata hay,
Dil nahi samajhta magar ye tu such hay,
Shiddat se yaad hamain bhi koi aata hai...
Happy Valentines Day 
Love is too weak a word for what I feel for you. One life is too small a time to express how madly I am in love with you. Happy Valentines Day

I Miss U Very Much!
I need you in my life because I LOVE YOU.
I LOVE YOU forever.
I'm with you reading this ,
Looking at your eyes and your lips,
Touching your lips softly with my fingertips.
Making love to you in every kiss.
Happy Valentines Day 
Even though Valentine’s day costs a lot more with a girlfriend, you are the one girl in this world who is totally worth it. Happy Valentines Day
Teddy Day Greetings

It is almost here, that special time of year.
When hearts and flowers by the hours are brought to all who seek.
When kisses swirl and words do peak into little puffs of cotton (candy) my sweet.
So be my love and be my own.
Call me on the telephone or send a card, that is not hard, right to my waiting door,
And I'll be yours forever more...
Happy Valentines Day 
Reside In
So No Matter
How Busy We Are
How Far We Are
You Are Always Remebered & Cared . . .
Happy Valentines Day 
Every moment I am not without you, my tears fill the ocean blue…By mine, my love, forever. Happy Valentines Day
You remain in my world,happiness and joy.
Always be my valentine.
Love u lotsss Jaanu..
Happy Valentines Day 
I love my eyes when U look into them,
I love my name when U say it,
I love my heart when U love it,
I love my life when U are in it.
Happy Valentines Day 
Falling in love is like looking at the stars. If you pick one out of the billions and stare at it long enough all the others will melt away. Happy Valentines Day
Kiss is not like Nokia...Connecting People
Kiss is not like Nike...Just Do It
Kiss is not like Pepsi...Yeh Dil Maange More
But Kiss is like Pan Parag...Ek Se Mera Kya Hoga
Happy Valentines Day 
Make Sure That In Search Of A Perfect Person
You Don't Loose A True One,
Perfection Is Fantasy
Truth Is Reality
Happy Valentines Day 
For today or tomorrow, be mine, forever and ever and ever. Happy Valentines Day
Sometimes, I forget to say hi,
Sometimes, I even miss to reply,
Sometimes, my message doesn't reach you,
But, it doesn't mean that I forget you,
I just give you time to miss me & love me
Happy Valentines Day 
Valentines Day 2017 SMS
Some relationships are like TOM & JERRY.
They tease each other,
knock down each other,
irritate each other,
but can't live without each other.
Happy Valentines Day 
I am wondering how I got so lucky to have you as a girlfriend. Happy Valentines Day
I LOVE YOU. I hope to give you reasons to live for tomorrow and forever, I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU.You are my Valentine not just on the 14th of the second month of each year but throughout the life. Happy Valentines Day 
A true relationship is
when you can tell each other
anything and everything.
No secrets and no lies.
Happy Valentines Day 
Valentines Day Greetings 

I cherish the time that we spend together and know that you are a great Valentine. Happy Valentines Day
I wish every relationship
come with the
same tag as Johnson's baby shampoo
Happy Valentines Day 
Happy Valentines Day HD Wallpaper

I couldn’t think of anything better to write in your card than the truth. I love you! Happy Valentines Day

You are the most special person in my life and I love you from the core of my heart. You are there in me, in my thoughts and in my dreams. Without you my life loses its meanings. Even an hour without you causes pain in my heart. I wish we will never part.
Happy Valentines Day 

If The Person U Love Doesn't Love U Back
Just Imagine That U Are The Letter 'E'
In The Word L O V E -
You Are There But Never Pronounced. :(
Happy Valentines Day 
Happy Valentines Day HD Images

I have one wish for Valentine’s Day. I want you wrapped up in a big bow.
Happy Valentines Day 

Happy Valentine's Day. You have made my life complete. You are my sonpari which comes in my world to give more shine to my life and my surroundings. I love you bahut bahut sara jaan. I am very lucky that u r with me. I pray to god that they will bless you with happiness of the entire universe.
Happy Valentines Day!
Love doesn't ask Who r u?
Love only says U r mine
Love doesn't ask Where do u live?
Love says U live in my heart
Love doesn't ask Do u love me?
Love only says "I LOVE U"!!
**Happy Valentine's Day my Love**
 Happy Valentines Day Wallpapers
Hi dear,
I love u so much.
I cant live without u.
I need u in my life.
Everyday I want to see ur eyes.
Hold ur hands n walk with u.
Every night I want sleep on ur chest.
Wanna make love with u.
Wanna b a good mother to ur kids.
Wanna b a good wife to u.
I want ur love forever.
Then one day i will die on ur lab.
But my love will never die for u.

You are my rock through all the bad times,
The most beautiful waterfall in all the good times,
My Friend, My Love, My All.
You are the most amazing part of waking up every morning,
I love you, with every beat of my heart and every breath I take.
Thank you for being in my life and my world.
Love you always
Happy Valentines Day Quotes 2017
But a special way to make you know how much I need and love you so.
So I looked everywhere but I couldn't find anything special for you Valentine.
Except one thing you've heard and know that the words really live in the love that we show.
So these words are special and you know they're true when I say the words from me to you...
I love you!

Wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day.
This is a message is to let you know that you are thought of always.
May God give you everything you wish for.

When i met you the first time, i already know myself that i love you
And today, i would like to say that all my heart wanted to say,
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, No matter what happens in future, i always will.
Even i am not like some one you wish
Even i am not like some one you want to be
Even i am not like some one you closer
But just know one thing Rat always loves Cheat and care about you
60 second in 1 mn
60 minute in 1 hour
24 hours in 1 day
7 days in 1 week
4 weeks in 1 month
12 month in 1 year
I swear to god i will never broke your heart again.
 Valentines Day Quotes for Husband
f a day had 36 hours i'd spend 12 picking u flowers,
If we had 48 life would surely be great,
And if it was 72, I'd climb a mountain just to tell the world i love you,
But...all we have is 24, Which means i'll keep the message short,
And simply spend every precious hour with you,
Today n forever.
I really love u Amaan from da bottom of my heart.
Plz never ever misunderstand me.
I love u n want 2 spend rest of my life with u.

I love you 100 times.
I miss you 2,000 times.
I want to be with you always and forever!!
I love you 1 in a million times of each day.
I want to make you mine.
I love you for you and only.
I mean every word!
I think about you more and more every 24hrs and 7days a week.
My heart bleeds for you.
My tears fall for you cause I'm lonely.
Many times I think of the day that you say those 4 words.
In the days that you are away it's how many times I say
I miss you even 365 days of the year.
Sweetie just know that I really, truly & madly love you.
Valentines Day Quotes for HIM
Valentine treasures are people who have often crossed your mind, family, friends and others, too,
who in your life have shined the warmth of love or a spark of light that makes you remember them.
No matter how long since you've actually met,
Each one is a luminous gem who gleams and glows in your memory,
Bringing special pleasures, and that's why this Valentine comes to you.
You're one of those sparkling treasures! 

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This was the list of Best Romantic Valentines Day Love Messages and Texts 2017. I am sure you guys must have one Love Message or Love Text for yourself and sent to your loved ones. If you want to wish you love ones then use our comment box to say it LOUD!

Ones again Happy Valentines Day 2017 to your all again. Keep loving and Spreading love among people!


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